Find your perfect sunglasses at Better Vision.

At Better Vision, we curate a wide selection of sunglasses in a variety of styles.

With our team of BVAX Maste with over 5 years of experience at every Better Vision store, we will provide you with expert advice and help you choose the perfect sunglasses specially for you.

Sunglasses from all the top brands, in the latest styles.

Because sunglasses are more than just a tool for sun protection; they are also a fashion statement that reflects your style. At Better Vision, we have a wide selection of sunglasses from the world's leading brands, including:

High-end fashion brands: Fendi, Dior, Celine, Loewe, Blvgari, Balmain, Dita, Prada
Premium functional brands: Mykita, Moscot, Lindberg, Porsche Design, Oliver Peoples
High-quality, affordable brands: Helen Keller, Clrotte, Charmant, and many more

Secret tips to choose the right sunglasses for your lifestyle.

Sunglasses are essential for protecting your eyes from the sun's glare and harmful UV rays. Here are some secret tips from us for choosing sunglasses from us.

  • UV protection lenses

    Choose sunglasses with UV 400 lenses that block harmful UV rays. BVAX Masters at Better Vision can help find the perfect pair for you.

  • Different lens colors for different purposes

    Look beyond fashion when choosing lens colors, for example, brown lenses excel at reducing glare, while yellow lenses are ideal for driving.

  • Matching frame colors to skin tone

    Sunglass colors can enhance your complexion. Fairer skin tones benefit from darker frames like black or brown, while darker skin tones can rock lighter colors like cream or gold.

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Adjustment service for optimal comfort

Did you know that sunglasses can be customized to fit your face perfectly?

Professional sunglass adjustments are crucial for ensuring a comfortable and secure fit that prevents nose bridge pressure and excessive facial tightness.

  • ฺBalanced weight distribution

    Sunglasses adjustment ensures even weight distribution across the nose and temples, resulting in a comfortable and lightweight wearing experience.

  • Customized fit

    The temples are carefully adjusted to ensure a snug yet comfortable fit around the ears, while the nose pads are aligned to provide optimal support without excessive pressure.

  • Versatility for plastic sunglasses

    Recognizing the diverse nature of plastics, our specialists employ a range of adjustment techniques and carefully controlled heat application to optimize the fit of your plastic sunglasses without compromising their integrity.

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