Celine is more than just eyewear; it represents a blend of Parisian style that seamlessly combines classic and contemporary elements. Founded in 1945, Celine has established itself as a renowned fashion brand, distinguished by its luxurious yet understated designs. Every piece of Celine eyewear is crafted from exquisite materials, including acetate, metal, and fine gemstones. Celine eyewear is not just about glasses; it is a symbol of taste and beauty.


This collection is inspired by the power of children, blended with the vibrant music atmosphere of Hedieh Salimian's favorite place. Hedieh Salimian is the artistic director of the CELINE brand, and this inspiration has transformed into the Spring 2024 collection, reflecting the concept of "Timeless yet daring." This collection pays tribute to rock and roll musicians both old and new, conveying the spirit of rock and roll. It combines classic elegance with daring Parisian flair, full of identity, reflecting the complete essence of CELINE.

Capture every gaze with specially designed oversized glasses.

Modern design: oversized cat-eye frames, distinguished by unique curved angles.

The glasses legs are embellished with the brand's iconic 3-dot symbol.

High-quality material: made from semi-transparent acetate, lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Glasses that are both modern and classic: suitable for those looking to create a standout, sharp look that reflects a unique style.

Experience the classic charm of Celine sunglasses.

Round rimmed sunglasses for men, made from special thick acetate. They feature a simple yet modern design, with the distinctive "Celine" logo on the temples, reflecting the unique CELINE Monochroms style of the brand. They are both classic and stylish, with a luxurious design that complements your look and truly embodies CELINE.

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