Master of BVAX Master

The teachers of the eye experts today

Behind a great BVAX Master are the teachers training them to become an expert that meets the BVAX Academy requirements.

To train the students to become BVAX Masters, these teachers are equipped with specialization in different areas. Let's get to know them!

Eye Examination and Glasses Adjustment Specialist

Akkapan Saikratoke (Ark)

Ark is an optometrist specialized in eye examination. That means he is knowledgable on vision mechanism and abnormalities. Apart from that, he also has a high level of experience in glasses assembly and adjustment. He has encountered various cases of needs and made many complex eyeglasses, making him highly skilled in analyzing vision issues. Ark brings those experiences to his class where students must go through 200 hours of training, and creates an intensive workshop for students to practice their analysis skills using more than 30 cases from his experiences.

Product, Service, and Sales Specialist

Sarawut Kanta (Ake)

Ake is an eye products specialist with a high level of experience. He oversees and develops the service and sales training, a mandatory training where all students in BVAX Academy must learn about all the products, including eyeglasses, lenses, and contact lenses. His training covers topics from product features to details like their materials, related equipments, how to care, as well as the suitable eye power for each product. Moreover, he also shows how each equipment works, including the eye examination equipments and glasses assembling and adjusting equipments. His training allows the students to have a comprehensive knowledge and pass on a sincere service culture so that they can connect to customers better.

Not Just Teaching But Keeping the Standard High

Tikumporn Hotawaisaya (Tee)

As BVAX Master's trainers, their responsibilities don't end just after classes. They continue to closely monitor the standard of BVAX Master's services. Tee has been training generations after genarations of BVAX Masters during his 40 years of service at Better Vision. He conducts site visits to train BVAX Masters through actual cases in order to strengthen their skills. Moreover, he prioritizes customers' feedback in order to maintain the best standard of BVAX Academy and conduct student surveys after the training to improve the curriculum for next generations.