"Lindberg Eyewear: Simple yet Full of Character"

Lindberg is considered a world-class functional eyewear brand, renowned for its quality, lightweight comfort, and innovative designs. Their Danish-style design is simple yet imbued with character, transcending material limitations. The result is durable, lightweight frames that are comfortable to wear.

From an eyewear shop to a legendary global eyewear brand.

Paul-Joergen and Henrik Lindberg, a father-son duo passionate about eyewear, merged their experience in the eyewear industry with architectural concepts, founding LINDBERG in 1986.

Since then, LINDBERG's functional eyewear frames have gained worldwide acclaim for their simple, modern design and practicality.

Screwless frames, high quality, unique design.

With relentless development in research, innovation, and the filtering of diverse ideas by a quality team, LINDBERG eyewear frames have a manufacturing technique that results in distinctive and renowned frames for their lightweight comfort. Their unique assembly technique does not require any screws or bolts, reinforcing their Danish minimalist design concept.

Ultimate materials, creating legendary works.

LINDBERG selects only the highest quality materials, whether it be special metals like titanium, gold, platinum, or natural materials like horn, wood, and precious stones. With meticulous material selection and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, the result is eyewear that is not only beautiful but also durable and comfortable.

The brand LINDBERG is internationally acclaimed with over a hundred awards, confirming its leadership in the eyewear industry.

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