Charmant, an eyewear brand from Japan, was founded in 1956 by Tadao Yoshikawa with a dedication to developing high-quality, beautifully designed, comfortable eyewear that meets every need. This is to provide consumers with a great experience wearing glasses and living happily.

Charmant Titanium Perfection

This collection of eyewear is developed by a blend of in-house innovation, advanced manufacturing techniques, and outstanding design, featuring expertise in titanium, which makes the glasses lightweight, highly flexible, and nickel-free, ensuring exceptional comfort when worn.

Charmant Z

Charmant Z

The CHARMANT Z titanium eyewear collection is designed for men who love style and appreciate advanced technology. The frames in this collection stand out with the Z series eyewear shape, which is a masterpiece of complexity. They are made from a blend of the most advanced innovative materials, resulting in high-quality glasses that are comfortable to wear all day long.

Line Art Charmant

The Line Art CHARMANT glasses, while appearing simple, beautiful, and stylish, are backed by cutting-edge engineering techniques. This includes the use of Excellence Titan™ technology in the manufacturing of the frames. This material was developed by the CHARMANT Group itself to provide the highest level of comfort when worn.

Excellence Titan™ is a material that is lightweight, durable, highly flexible, and nickel-free, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin. Line Art CHARMANT glasses are the perfect choice for those looking for glasses that are both beautiful, comfortable to wear, and long-lasting.

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