BVAX Academy

BVAX Academy, Better Vision's Eye Experts School

Did you know? There's a specialized training for people who want to work in the eyeglasses service at Better Vision. Assembling eyewear is a highly delicate matter and it also varies from clients to clients. That's why every staff at Better Vision has to go through a comprehensive training at BVAX Academy.

What is BVAX Academy?

BVAX Academy is shortened from Better Vision Accuracy Expertise Academy. It's a training curriculum for an eye expert that is developed from Better Vision's internal training to be more comprehensive and up to international standard. This training is now applied to every staff at Better Vision to keep the quality and standard of services maintained and

uniformed in all branches. Every staff at Better Vision must receive the training from BVAX Academy, which covers topics from eye examination process to frames and lenses selection and glasses assembly and adjustment, in order to become a true expert.

The Road to Becoming an Eye Expert

Training at BVAX Academy doesn't end in just a few classes. It involves both theoretical and practical learning, as well as rigorous examinations and minimum hours of on-field experience.

BVAX Academy's curriculum is divided into 3 levels to allow the staff to gradually progress and climb the ranks to become an eye expert. The first level covers all the basics, starting from learning the components of eyeglasses, contact lenses, and eye examination equipments, to learning the basics of eye examination and sales skills. The second level focuses on comprehensive understanding of the products and practical trainings. They have to practice assembling and adjusting eyeglasses regularly, as well as go through over 200 hours of eye examination practice. Lastly, the third level focuses on developing and maintaining the skills and expertise in eye examination, as well as being up-to-date on new learnings.

Our Sincere Service

In addition to developing standardized quality and expertise, BVAX Academy also encourages employees to have good conscience. We have team building activities that allow our staff to get to know the executives, the organization, and each other, and create a culture of heart-felt sincerity within the organization. We believe that this will lead to our staff treating and providing services to customers with heart-felt sincerity as well.

Expertise cannot be built overnight. But our dedication to keep up a high standard has resulted in a curriculum that will help building an eye expert out of our staff. Now our customers can have peace of mind that they are being taken care of by an eye expert who is always ready to help solve any vision issues.