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A condition in which near objects appear clear, but objects farther away look blurry. This issue might look simple, but making comfortable eyeglasses for myopia is a very delicate matter.


A condition in which near objects appear blurry but objects father away look clear.


A condition in which your vision is blurry or distorted at all distance.


Deterioration of the eye's lens from aging, making your eyes lose the ability to see objects clearly up close.

Digital Eye Strain

A group of eye and vision problems caused by heavy computer or digital device use, inclusing dry eyes, itching, vision blur, tired eyes, etc.

Night Vision

A condition in which objects appear blurry or has halos and glares around it at night.

Phoria or Tropia

Making eyeglasses for people with phoria or tropia is a delicate matter. Our experts have high experiences and skills to assemble eyeglasses for people who are diagnosed with phoria and tropia (from an ophthalmologist).