Quality Guaranteed with BVAX Standard

Why BVAX is the Best Service Standard?

Better Vision Accuracy Expertise (BVAX) is “Better Vision's standard of expertise in solving vision issues accurately.” Our staff are trained at the BVAX Academy, an optomotrist specialized training course that covers all steps -- from eye performance examination to frames and lens selection, as well as, assembling and adjusting glasses. This is to ensure that our customers will receive eyeglasses that are clear and comfortable to wear, and are most suitable for their lifestyle.

BVAX Academy

"BVAX Academy, Better Vision's Eye Experts School"

Did you know? There's a specialized training for people who want to work in the eyeglasses service at Better Vision. Assembling eyewear is a highly delicate matter and it also varies from clients to clients. That's why every staff at Better Vision has to go through a comprehensive training at BVAX Academy.

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Master of BVAX Master

"The teachers of the eye experts today"

Behind a great BVAX Master are the teachers training them to become an expert that meets the BVAX Academy requirements

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BVAX Master

"Get to know legendary BVAX Masters at Better Vision"

At Better Vision, not only do we have sales representatives, but also eye experts or BVAX Master. They are here to you in every step of the way, from performing eye examination and analyzing the results, to recommending lenses and adjusting and assembling them. With the training up to BVAX Academy standards and the expertise from over 5 years of experience.

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BVAX Awards

"Award for the Ultimate Expert of the Better Vision"

Better Vision emphasizes continuous development in the standards of skills and service among employees. We have organized a competition for the ultimate experts of the Glasses Hall and presented BVAX Awards to encourage self-development among employees and inspire others.

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BVAX Service Standard

"Eye examination with BVAX's 16-step standard" is one of the most important step in getting the most suitable eyeglasses and lenses.

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BVAX Warranty

"Product and Service Warranty"

The most comprehensive warranty for our customers, we guarantee to take care of every clients needs and requests.

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