Moleskine, the popular Italian stationery brand, has transitioned into a brand of lightweight glasses. They are comfortable to wear and easy to carry with a glasses case. The special design comes in the shape of "IN CASE OF LOSS," making them light and easy to fold and store.


Stand out with a sophisticated design, offering a variety of eyewear styles to choose from, including reading glasses, prescription glasses, sunglasses, and clip-ons, as well as accessories and glasses cases. Designed for practical use, lightweight, and durable.

Distinguished by high-quality components and materials.

Specific components and fittings for eyeglass legs and folding arms
Designed and developed specifically for MOLESKINE

Click-in legs: Provide a sleek, slim profile when folded

Made from Stainless Steel, Acetate, and Titanium: Hypo-allergenic, avoiding allergies or irritations"

The glasses case is specially designed with a unique "In case of loss" shape.

It is lightweight and slim when folded, and it comes in the popular color tones of Moleskine notebooks.

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