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Eye Examination

"Eye examination" is the most important step in getting the most comfortable eyeglasses and lenses.

Whether you're having a problem seeing in a near distance or far distance, it's a sign for you to have your eyes checked.

What is eye examination?

An eye examination is a test to find the most optimal prescription for your eyeglasses. It also includes other vision tests to know how your eyes perform. During the test, there will be letters, numbers, or various symbols for you to see from a specified distance, near or far.

Glasses AdjustmentEye Examination

Getting your eyeglasses adjusted by an expert will help make it more tailor comfortable to wear. The main methods for adjusting glasses are as follows:

1. Adjust the temples: To adjust the temples to fit the face (In the case of a plastic frame, heat will be used to bend it.)

2. Adjust the nose pad: For glasses frames with nose pads, both nose pads should be adjusted to the same distance for the symmetry of the glasses.

3. Tighten the knots: This prevents the glasses from becoming loose and keeps the lenses fit tightly to the frame.

Parameter Measurement

Each person has a different facial structure, such as a wider face, smaller face, higher nose bridge or lower nose bridge. These different structures means that each glasses has different angles on each person's face that correlates to the quality of their vision. The parameters of the glasses include: Face Form Angle, Pantoscopic Tilt Angle, Cornea Vertex Distance, and Fitting Height. These 4 parameters make glasses comfortable to wear and most suitable for the wearer's face shape.

Focal Point Measurement

The focal point is the point where the eye can see most clearly. It varies from person to person, depending on their vision problems. So it's important to measure your focal point in order to be able to address the issue accurately. Not knowing your focal point before making eyeglasses can cause eyestrain, eye fatigue, or dizziness.

Invision 3D Printing Frame Customization

A customized eyeglasses frame design machine using Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

Experience the first-ever "most innovative" eyeglasses design in Thailand at Better Vision with the INVISION machine. This 3D Printing technology and advanced AR facial calculation can take 3D pictures of your face and measures your face at various angles to design a customized eyeglasses frame for you, allowing you to choose the style of glasses that fits your face shape without having to try on actual glasses.

Zenos VR (Virtual Reality)

A tool to check your ocular behavior by looking at objects from a VR camera.

Have you ever had headaches, blurry vision, or felt dizzy when wearing progressive lenses? That's because normal progressive lenses limit your vision and might not be suitable for your ocular behavior.

Time to end that problem. Simply use 'Zenos Pro Lenses,' special progressive lenses that are designed based on your ocular behavior using an innovative VR machine. By simulating how you look through VR glasses, the machine analyzes your eyes movement in near, intermediate, and far distance to find the most suitable lenses for your lifestyle.

The Zenos VR machine was developed from the pain point of customers who were beginning to have both nearsightedness and farsightedness, and had to use progressive lenses. However, making comfortable progressive lenses is complicated and requires a great deal of expertise and understanding of the customer's ocular behavior.

The challenge of making progressive lenses is that each customer has a completely different way in seeing objects. For example, some people are used to turning their heads, while some people use glances. These differences have a significant effect on designing lens structure. Therefore, the Zenos VR was developed to design customized lenses using data from the ocular behavior test through Zenos VR glasses. This will help to increase the comfort in wearing Progressive eyeglasses for people with farsightedness, extreme astigmatism or complicated vision issue.