BVAX Service Standard

"Eye examination with BVAX's 16-step standard" is one of the most important step in getting the most suitable eyeglasses and lenses.

What is eye examination?

An eye examination is a test to find the most optimal prescription for your eyeglasses. It also includes other vision tests to know how your eyes perform. During the test, there will be letters, numbers, or various symbols for you to see from a specified distance, near or far.

  • 1. Eye History Evaluation

    Evaluate customer's history to determine the problem.

  • 2. Object Test

    Check for abnormalities in vision from the computer and for the pupillary distance.

  • 3. Visual Acuity and Pinhole Test

    Check the naked eyes' visual acuity, as well as through customer's old eyeglasses, and determine the abnomality in vision using a pinhole.

  • 4. Best Visual Sphere by Red-Green Test (Duochrome Test)

    Confirm the power of myopia or hyperopia.

  • 5. Clock Dial Chart

    Check for astigmatism.

  • 6. Jackson Cross Cylinder Test (Cross Axis and Cross Power)

    Check for the axis and power of the astigmatism.

  • 7. Visual Acuity Test

    Check the visual acuity through initial prescribed eye power.

  • 8. MPMVA Finding (Fogging Method)

    Find the optimal power for each eye by blurring the image to relax eye muscles.

  • 9. Binocular Balance V.A.

    ฺEqualize both eyes to ensure that the accommodation is balanced.

  • 10. Best Vision Acuity (BVA)

    Find the optimal eye power that gives the best vision acuity.

  • 11. Stereo Test or Worth 4 Dot

    Check the 3D vision and how both eyes work together through the new eye power prescription.

  • 12. Coincidence Test

    Check the image size balance seen with both eyes through the new eye power prescription.

  • 13. Addition Test or Accommodation Test (Binocular Cross Cylinder)

    Check the eye accommodation reflex and test the eye power in a reading distance.

  • 14. Negative and Positive Relative Accommodation (NRA/PRA) (Finding Range of Accommodation)

    Find the highest and lowest eye accommodation power.

  • 15. Data Analysis (Prescription on Trial Frame)

    Try on the final prescribed lenses on a trial frame.

  • 16. Plan and Assessment

    Analyze and summarize the test results. Explain and give advice to the customer in details.

At Better Vision, we have an eye expert, BVAX Master, to give you a comprehensive eye examination and analyze the test results to help you find the optimal prescription for your eyeglasses. You can consult and get your eyes checked with BVAX Master at any branch of Better Vision.