BVAX Warranty

The most comprehensive warranty

The most comprehensive warranty for our customers, we guarantee to take care of every clients needs and requests.

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Prescription Lens Warranty

Within one year of purchase, we offer free-of-charge prescription lens changes if they cause you discomfort or dizziness. This warranty applies to both single vision lenses and progressive lenses.

Multi-coated Lens Warranty

Within a maximum period of three years, any purchased multi-coated lenses with peeling damage will be repaired free of charge.

Frame Warranty

Within one year of purchasing our frames, we offer free-of-charge replacement for any damages resulting from frame manufacturing.

Accidental Damage or Lost Item Warranty

In the unfortunate event of an accident or loss of an item, customers can receive a 50% discount on their next purchase of eyeglasses or lenses within one year of their previous purchase.

After-Sale service

Lastly, we offer year-round free glasses repair to the public! This service includes repairing frames, cleaning lenses, adjusting frames to fit your face shape, replacing broken screws, and replacing nose pads.

Terms and Conditions:

(1) If your eye prescription changes more than 0.50 D, we can provide a new lens prescription. However, if you undergo eye surgery or LASIK, we are unable to provide a new lens prescription even under warranty.

(2) The warranty for peeled damaged lenses does not apply to products from the brands Dura, HOYA, and TOG, as these brands have their own two-year warranty period.

(3) This warranty does not cover eyeglass frames damaged due to accidents or loss.

(4) The 50% discount on eyeglasses and lenses is calculated based on the full price of the product and is limited to one per person throughout the warranty period. In the case of an accident, please bring the broken glasses as evidence. If your glasses are lost, please provide a police report as evidence to the store.

(5) This warranty does not cover repairing broken eyeglass frames.

  • To receive product warranty benefits every time, please ensure to bring the receipt of purchase as evidence.
  • All warranties are effective from the date of receiving the product.
  • In case the customer brings the glasses frame for lens assembly and damage occurs, the company is willing to cover a maximum value of 3,000 baht.