Tokai Bi-As เลนส์สายตาที่ให้ความคมชัด ภาพสมจริงที่สุด ไม่บิดเบี้ยว

Tokai Bi-As: The clearest, most realistic, distortion-free vision lens

Tokai's latest technology combined with the world's thinnest Index 1.76 aspheric lens for clear and realistic vision.

Tokai Bi-As: The clearest, most realistic, distortion-free vision lens

Tokai Bi-As (Double-Side Aspherical lens)

Tokai Bi-As is a technology for eyeglasses that is Made in Japan. Bi-As lenses correct image distortion on both the front and back of the lens twice by polishing the front lens to reduce curvature. Compared to conventional eyeglasses, which only correct image distortion once or not at all, Tokai Bi-As lenses provide clearer and more realistic vision. This technology also helps to reduce the thickness of the edges of short-sighted glasses.

Carefully crafted for the best lenses

In the production process of Tokai Bi-As lenses, the lenses are formed using Double-Side Aspherical technology and the front lenses are polished precisely to reduce curvature on the surface of the lenses. This results in high-quality eyeglasses that provide realistic vision and are comfortable to wear.

For people with high vision, when you look through your glasses, you will notice that the edges of your face, eyes, or temples appear smaller and deeper than usual. This is because the eyeglasses refract light, making the image behind the lens smaller. Tokai Bi-As is therefore suitable for people with high vision of more than -4.50 and is suitable for all types of frames and vision types.

Tokai Bi-As not only makes the lens front thinner because the curved part of the surface is polished away, making the lens thinner, making the finished glasses look beautiful, and also making the overall personality of the wearer look better.

Tokai's Bias technology supports all Tokai eyeglass indexes, including Index 1.60, 1.70, and 1.76. It can also be paired with blue light blocking lenses or Tokai Lutina premium blue light filtering lenses. Since Tokai has been a leading Japanese lens manufacturer since 1939 to the present, it is a trusted brand for technology and attention to quality lens production that provides clear, light, realistic vision and is soft and comfortable to wear. The fact that the lenses are Made in Japan further ensures the accuracy of production and the strictness of quality control, resulting in durable, high-quality lenses.


Special lens coating from Tokai

SPS or SUPER POWER SHIELD COATING lens coating is outstanding in terms of scratch resistance. Using lens coating technology, it uses a special thin film for eyeglasses specifically. This makes your eyeglasses more resistant to scratches, reduces the adhesion of dirt and dust, and is also easy to clean.

Restassured that it is worth using and at full capacity

Good lenses must be paired with good vision measurement. Tokai's high-quality eyeglasses lenses, along with careful and standardized vision measurement from Tower Optics, make you confident that you will get eyeglasses that are comfortable, cost-effective, and work effectively. With Tokai lens coating warranty for up to 18 months. Tokai Bi-As lenses with Index 1.6 thinning start at 5,500 baht. Available now at all Horwan branches.

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