"CLROTTE” (คลอเต้) เปิดตัวคอลเลคชั่นใหม่ล่าสุดร่วมกับหอแว่น และ KOIA

CLROTTE launches new collection with Better Vision and KOIA

KOIA, or the Korean Optical Industrial agency, is a project supported by the South Korean government to promote and showcase Korean eyewear brands to the world. As a result, the project requires the selection of suitable business partners for these brands. For the KOIA project, only three countries were selected as business partners: Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand.

The one and only business partner from Thailand is Better Vision, a trusted eyewear store that has been serving Thais for over 55 years. Better Vision is known for its accurate and precise eye exams. This time, Better Vision has selected a brand of glasses that meets both design and function through the KOIA project, resulting in the brand CLROTTE.

CLROTTE, pronounced as "klo-te", is a Korean eyewear brand with a minimalist design. It is simple but elegant, and its unisex design makes it a perfect fit for anyone.

If you just look at it with your eyes and think that it's just a regular fashion eyewear, you are wrong! Although the frame looks like a regular fashion eyewear, if you touch it or put it on yourself, you will never want to take it off again. The compact and easy-to-use shape of the glasses and its weight of only 7.9 grams are perfect for people who need glasses as one of their organs throughout the year.

This excellent quality of use is also derived from excellent materials. CLROTTE has a manufacturing process that is not inferior to premium frame brands. It is produced by JCS International, a company that specializes in engineering and uses materials of the same quality as leading Korean brands such as Samsung.

Another important feature that will make many people fall in love with CLROTTE is its design that eliminates the problems of wearing glasses for Asians, such as a small nose bridge and high cheekbones. Asian Fit eyeglasses have a narrower and deeper nose bridge than regular glasses. They also come with KCC silicone nose pads that are light, soft, and thicker to help lift the frame away from the cheekbones. The size of the lenses is also adjusted to be shorter and wider to prevent them from touching the eyelashes and cheeks when worn. Finally, the frame has been reduced in curvature to prevent it from pressing on the wearer's temples.

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