Tokai Index 1.76 เลนส์บางที่สุด เพื่อค่าสายตาสูง

Tokai Index 1.76: The Thinnest Lens for High Prescription

Tokai is a Japanese manufacturer of high-quality ophthalmic lenses. They are well-known for their LUTINA blue-light blocking lenses, which are premium blue-light blocking lenses with clear lenses and no color distortion thanks to Tokai's unique technology and high lens quality. As a result, many people choose this brand of lenses as their favorite ophthalmic lenses.

What is High Index Lens?

High index lenses are special ultra-thin lenses with a high refractive index, which makes the edges of the lenses much thinner. The Index or refractive index of lenses starts at 1.50, 1.60, 1.67, 1.70, and 1.74. Currently, there is an Index that supports up to 1.76. Lenses that are commonly used have an Index starting at 1.5, which are considered ordinary lenses or non-thin lenses and have the thickest lenses. In the case of wearers with high prescriptions, thin ophthalmic lenses will start at Index 1.60.

Tokai 1.76: The Ultimate Thin Lens for High Prescription

The world's thinnest Index 1.76 thin lens from Tokai for sharp, realistic, and comfortable vision. You can choose to have it with lens surfacing technology on both the front and back of the lens, or what is known as "Double-Side Aspherical" or Tokai Bi-as, which makes the front and back of the lens much thinner and reduces image distortion for people with high prescriptions.

  • Up to 47% thinner and lighter than CR39 Index1.5 lenses
  • Provides a more natural viewing angle than ophthalmic lenses without Aspheric or Bi-Aspheric lens surfacing technology
  • 99% clear lens with MR™ material
  • Super Power Shield (SPS) lens coating that is strong and scratch-resistant, and also reduces the adhesion of stains very well
  • Suitable for people with high myopia from -7.00 to -12.00

Tokai Go 1.76 and Lutina Blue Light Blocking Lenses

Protect your eyes even more with Tokai's Index 1.76 ultra-thin lenses paired with Lutina blue light blocking lenses. In addition to providing realistic and comfortable vision, they also offer excellent protection against HEV and UV light thanks to UV420 material combined with Tokai's unique technology. This makes Lutina the clearest blue light blocking lenses available.

Tokai Go 1.76 and Bi-Aspherical Lens Surfacing Technology

TOKAI's thin ophthalmic lenses are not limited to Index 1.76, but also support other Indexes, starting at 1.60, 1.70, and up to 1.76. You can also choose to have them made as Aspherical lenses (front surface only) or Bi-Aspherical lenses (front and back surface). If you have a myopia prescription of -4.50 or higher, you can also use Aspherical lenses to increase comfort. When you have a high prescription, the thickest part will be the edge of the lens, causing the wearer to see distorted images at the edge of the lens when glancing sideways. This makes the image look unrealistic and not as comfortable as it could be. Therefore, lens surfacing will help to reduce the curvature of the front surface of the lens, making it thinner and allowing the wearer to see through the lens more clearly, realistically, and comfortably.


A special lens coating from Tokai

SPS or SUPER POWER SHIELD COATING lens coating is outstanding in terms of scratch resistance. It uses a special thin film coating technology specifically for ophthalmic lenses, making your ophthalmic lenses more scratch-resistant, reducing the adhesion of stains and dust very well. It is also easy to clean.

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