Officer lens รวมเลนส์คุณภาพ ขวัญใจวัยทำงาน

Officer lens: A collection of quality lenses for working professionals

It is undeniable that working life and computers go hand in hand. Every day, we spend 8-10 hours with it. In addition, smartphones are still our companions, helping us to feel less lonely and use them all day long until we go to bed. This behavior of using our eyes to focus on these screens for a long period of time can have the greatest negative impact on our little eyes. Whether you have problems with eye strain, burning eyes, or digital eye strain from blue light, eye irritation from dry eyes, or blurred vision from the lens of the eye, all of these can lead to stress, headaches, neck strain, and lead to computer vision syndrome. If you have a favorite pair of glasses that can help protect and care for your eyes while you work, let your work flow smoothly without interruption, and reduce the risk of other eye diseases, let's see what kind of lenses are the favorites of working professionals.

1. Bluloc

It is a new innovation of blue light-blocking lenses that protects the eyes from harmful blue light (Blue-violet) and protects the eyes from UV rays, UVA, UVB, and high-energy waves (HEV) that come from the sun, LED lights, and digital screens. Especially in the wavelength range of 400–500 nanometers, up to 95%. The highlight of the Bluloc blue light-blocking lens is that the beneficial blue light shades can pass through the lens for you to see the image through the lens more naturally.

2. Zeen (Anti-fatigue lens)

If you are one of those who have to use your eyes to work in front of a computer for a long time and often have eye fatigue, blurry eyes, Zeen might be a good help for you to make your work go smoothly. Zeen is a lens with the property of reducing eye fatigue or pain in the eye socket. It is also a lens that is specially designed to reduce the focusing of the eye muscles without you knowing it when you have to use your near vision for a long time. Suitable for people aged 20-35 years old, produced with Freeform technology and combined with the latest technology Boost accommodation for smooth and seamless image viewing, reducing eye blur when changing focus distance, reducing eye muscle work, making it feel more relaxed and comfortable.

You can protect your eyes even more by pairing it with a special UV420 blue light-blocking lens like "Bluloc" that protects your eyes from blue light, UVA or UVB rays up to 95%. Or you can choose to pair it with the premium automatic color change lens like "Transitions" to protect your eyes from glare and UV rays.

3. Maxima desk office progressive

Maxima lens is a type of Progressive lens that is suitable for people who are starting to have presbyopia or have presbyopia (Presbyopia). Focus on expanding the near and middle vision area especially, or it can be called an Office Progressive lens because this type of lens is a lens designed specifically for office work such as viewing documents, reading books, using computers, up to the middle distance of a small meeting room. Have a wide and comfortable field of view, whether you look left or right around your desk, you can see the image clearly. It also helps to sit up straight while working, reducing eye strain from focusing.

4. Transitions or automatic color-changing lenses

Transitions or automatic color-changing lenses, which we call "auto" lenses, are lenses that have photochromic substances in the lens. Millions of billions of molecules, making the lens can change color quickly when exposed to UV rays and higher temperatures. And can be restored from dark to clear in a short time. Can block UV rays up to 100%, reducing squinting when the pupil expands or helps to adjust the eyes to the changing light conditions at all times. This makes the eyes do not have to work hard, plus it helps to relax the eyes and feel comfortable throughout the day, meeting all indoor and outdoor lifestyles.

And these are the 4 favorite lenses for working professionals that meet all the lifestyles of office workers, whether working in front of a computer, communicating with a smartphone, or even walking for a while during lunch break to experience the sun outdoors. Besides wearing special lens glasses will enhance your look, it also helps to reduce vision problems.

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