HOW TO มือใหม่อยากใส่คอนแทคเลนส์ ทำยังไงดีนะ ?

How to Put on Contact Lenses for Beginners

Want to start wearing contact lenses? Where do you start? We believe that many people who are new to wearing contact lenses often have a lot of problems, such as choosing which contact lenses to buy, how to wear them, and how to keep them clean. The Vision Center has the answers for you.

Eye Examination: An Important Step That Cannot Be Missed

The first step in starting to wear contact lenses is to have an eye exam. This is to determine the correct prescription and to choose contact lenses that are appropriate for your vision problems. At our Vision Center, we have specialists who will take care of the prescription for contact lens wearers, especially those with astigmatism.

What Kind of Contact Lenses Should Newbies Choose?

Contact lenses that are suitable for use for people who are new to wearing contact lenses are recommended to be daily contact lenses because they are convenient to use, do not need to be cleaned, and also reduce the risk of infection. Alternatively, if you are not comfortable using daily lenses, you can also use bi-weekly or monthly lenses. Choose contact lenses that are easy to align, which will make them easier to put on.

How to Put on Contact Lenses?

Here are some easy tips for putting on contact lenses like a pro:

  1. Use contact lens tweezers to help you pick up the lens and place it on your dominant index finger.
  2. With the other hand, slightly widen your eye and gently place the contact lens on your eye. Your eye will naturally suction the contact lens in.
  3. Blink your eyes slightly to adjust the contact lens into place.
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