TOKAI LUTINA เลนส์ตัดแสงสีฟ้าพรีเมียม จากประเทศญี่ปุ่น

Tokai Lutina: Premium Blue Light Blocking Lenses from Japan

Good blue light blocking lenses should allow beneficial blue light to pass through

Blue light blocking lenses are one of the most popular items and one of the first choices for many people who are about to cut a new pair of prescription lenses. Because in one day, we all have to be exposed to HEV waves, blue light waves, or waves that affect our bodies inevitably. However, blue light (Blue light) or blue light that many people call does not have a negative impact on the body entirely. Because our bodies still need blue light in moderation. Because blue light helps to make our bodies feel refreshed and refreshed. It also has an effect on memory.

UV420 material, the ultimate material for blue light blocking lenses

If you are going to choose a blue light blocking lens, you must choose a high-quality lens made from UV420 material that works effectively and is worth the price you pay. Tower Optics would like to introduce you to a quality blue light blocking lens that is also one of our best-selling blue light blocking lenses. Tokai Lutina is a premium blue light blocking lens manufactured in Japan. It is known for its careful and quality production. The highlight of Tokai Lutina is the clarity of the lens. Because normally, blue light blocking lenses often have a yellowish tint.

That is because the cone cells of our eyes can distinguish between three primary colors: red, blue, and green, or the so-called mother colors. If it is a blue light blocking lens coated with a coat, the lens will reflect all blue light, both beneficial blue light shades such as Blue turquoise and blue light shades that affect the body such as Blue Violet. This makes the wearer see the image in a yellowish tint.

Tokai Lutina protects the eyes from HEV waves better and is less yellow
With Tokai's production technology combined with UV420 material, Tokai Lutina blue light blocking lenses have a clear color and are less yellow than other blue light blocking lenses. This is because the UV420 material used in the production allows beneficial blue light shades to pass through the lens. This allows the eyes to see all colors, while still protecting the eyes from harmful blue light shades in a fully effective way.

In addition, there are other outstanding features that make many people choose blue light blocking lenses from Tokai Lutina without hesitation. For example, it can effectively protect UVA and UVB rays, equivalent to wearing sunglasses. And when you have to wear glasses while at the screen or take pictures, the lens will not reflect the blue light on the surface of the lens to disturb your vision.

Tokai Lutina gives you more than just blue light blocking lenses
Another special feature of Tokai Lutina lenses is that they are a special structure lens or Aspherical lens, suitable for people with high vision. The front lens will be polished to reduce image distortion and make the front lens thinner. Tokai Lutina blue light blocking lenses meet the needs of all vision levels, with lenses ranging from Index 1.6, which is the starting thinness, to Index 1.67, 1.70, and Index 1.76, which is the thinnest lens in the world.


Special lens coating from Tokai

SPS or SUPER POWER SHIELD COATING lens coating is outstanding in terms of scratch resistance. Using lens coating technology that uses a special thin film for eyeglasses specifically, it makes your eyeglasses more resistant to scratches, reduces the adhesion of dirt and dust, and is also easy to clean.

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