Progressive Lenses

These lenses are for people with presbyopia or those who need multifocal lenses. They are suitable for people age 40 years and above.

  • Entry: Basic progressive lenses for people with simple vision.
  • Freeform: Made with Freeform techlonogy, this type of progressive lenses enables 20-30% wider viewing angle with little distortion and little Swim effect, making it much easier for users to get adjust to.
  • Personalize: This type of progressive lenses are customized to the users to make it feel the most natural for them. It reduces distortion to the minimum, gives up to 50% wider viewing angle, more clarity, and increased softness for near and far distances.
  • Office Progressive: This type of progressive lenses are designed specifically for people who are long hour office workers or focus working in near and intermediate distances.