Value customer service
Renowned global brands
Tourist exclusive discount
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Outstanding service

☑️ Certified optician over 10+ years of experience

☑️ Complimentary eye-exam

☑️ Fast prescription

☑️ Available for everyone

We accommodate each customers unique eye problems and needs, to focus on the best solution.

Are you visiting and is interested in purchasing prescription glasses? The process is fast, not more than 7 days to receive your lens. Moreover, we provide complimentary eye-examination in our in-store hi-tech lab. Better Vision specializes in ophthalmology, therefore, our staffs are certified with more than 10 years experience.


Global luxury brands

☑️ Renowned brands from all over the world

☑️ Frames for every face shape

☑️ Wide range of prices

The largest up-to-date luxury eyewear brands collection. Frame selection ranging from bold to minimal, colourful to monochrome, and small to oversize.

For any types of personal style or preferences, you can easily find your match here at Better Vision.

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Tourist exclusive discount

Tourist exclusive promotion only at Better Vision, get 25% off for every purchase and 7%+ for a VAT refund! Save better value for authentic luxury brands, a 2in1 deal.

BVAX Warranty

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1. Guaranteed to change lenses if they’re uncomfortable, up to 1 year
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2. Multi-coated lens warranty, up to 3 years
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3. Frames damage warranty, up to 1 year
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4. Accidental damage or lost item warranty for 50% discount, up to 1 year
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5. Premium after-sales service, no cost
“Over 100 stores nationwide. Find us on Google Maps by searching for Better Vision”

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